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Troppi porti e il business cala

Secondo McKinsey ci vorranno almeno tre anni per una ripresa del settore container, che soffre di un rilevante eccesso di stiva. Nel frattempo si assisterà a un consolidamento del mercato.
Nicola Capuzzo
Milano Finanza

Fulfilling the promise of India’s manufacturing sector

India’s product makers have a golden opportunity to join the global big leagues. They should seize it.
Rajat Dhawan, Gautam Swaroop, Adil Zainulbhai
McKinsey Quarterly

Asia’s $1 trillion infrastructure opportunity

Foreign investors are finding more open doors than in the past. But the way forward is far from clear.
Naveen Tahilyani, Toshan Tamhane, Jessica Tan
McKinsey Quarterly

“Flying people, not planes”: The CEO of Bombardier on building a world-class culture

Pierre Beaudoin explains how a company driven by engineering goals learned to focus on customer expectations, teamwork, and continuous improvement.
Bruce Simpson
McKinsey Quarterly

Reinvigorating a corporate giant: An interview with the chairman of India’s largest infrastructure company

A. M. Naik describes how he established a culture of value creation at one of India’s leading companies.
Ramesh Mangaleswaran, Adil Zainulbhai
McKinsey Quarterly

Da esclusi a protagonisti

L'economia africana. La crisi ha rallentato ma non ha fermato la crescita del continente negli ultimi anni. Un Pil pari a quello del Brasile. La spinta da tlc, export e trasporti.
Micaela Cappellini
Il Sole 24 Ore

Transforming India’s logistics infrastructure

To get the most from massive investments, India must adopt a coordinated approach that aligns the development of each transport mode with the country’s needs.
Rajat Gupta, Hemang Mehta, Thomas Netzer
McKinsey Quarterly

La nautica riparte da Cannes

La nautica di lusso si rituffa nella giostra dei saloni autunnali.
Gaia Scacciavillani
Finanza & Mercati

Environmental and energy sustainability: An approach for India

As India continues to develop, it has choices to accomplish its twin objectives of sustainable development and inclusive growth. India could choose to increase its focus on clean and efficient technologies[..]
McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company

Averting the next energy crisis: The demand challenge

Global energy-demand growth is expected to flatten in the short term but will rebound with recovery. Indeed, there is potential for liquids-demand growth to outpace that of supply—risking a new spike in[..]
Jaeson Rosenfeld, Jaana Remes, Lenny Mendonca, Wayne Hu, Sendil Palani, Utsav Sethi, Scott Nyquist, Ivo Bozon, Occo Roelofsen, Pedro Haas, Koen Vermeltfoort, Greg Terzian
McKinsey Global Institute